Friday, May 1, 2015

Day 16 May 1st

Labour day wishes to all.
Rewah Mp

Past 2.30 pm: Mobile is ok now.

4.30 pm : Reached Jabalpur.
Still in the heart of India. MP

Past 7 pm, and I was still searching for a place to stay.
Went to 11 places in search of a room. But no rooms free.

Now, it is past 9.30. I don't know exactly where I am. But I have found a safe place to stay.
A shop or a house or both together.
The place is deserted. I can safely rest Tenzing there; away from curious eyes.

I have put up my tent and now I am about to stretch out  and go to sleep.

More news about the day later.

:) Rest time. It is 10.30 pm
Good night folks.

Tomorrow. If things go well, I will definitely reach Nagpur, Maharashtra.

The place that sheltered Tenzing and me for the night. 

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