Friday, May 1, 2015

Day 17 May 2 Maharashtra

Morning... Jabalpur

Yesterday my plan was to start from Rewah and reach Nagpur. But a few significant activities delayed me. I could start only by 12'O clock. To reach Nagpur I had to travel 508 km and that was not possible. So, I headed for Jabalpur. Covering 255 km I reached Jabalpur by 4PM entered the city in search of a place to stay. After a search of 3 long hours and 25km ride realised that there was not a single room available. Almost searched 11 to 13 hotels, all were booked as it was wedding season. One or two were available. But then, I would have to leave Tenzing on the road. We both needed to be safe. Around 7:30PM I left the city in further search for a safe abode for us both. Drove almost 82km through service roads and pocket roads looking for a comfortable space. It was a difficult drive that too at night. By around 9:30 I was just dead tired and wanted to stop and stretch. The a space unveiled... An appropriate one just for two of us. Tenzing was parked in safety and I put up my tent. Had a cozy and peaceful sleep. From this beautiful location I begin my journey today.....

Reached Nagpur by afternoon. Nagpur is known as the second capital of Maharashtra.
Mumbai being the first.

There is an Enfield service center here. Tenzing need an oil change.
Waiting for that and service tweak for him.
He has been riding hard. :)

It has been a hot day. The temperature touching 44 degrees.

It is 7.28 pm now. It is 40 degrees even now.

:) This night I sleep in a bed, in a room.
Had a refreshing bath. Felt good to wash off the grime and fatigue of two days.

From Tenzing and me, Good night.

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