Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Day 21 May 6 Hampi to Mangalore and beyond

4.50 am. Had an early start from Hampi.

 @ Shivamogga.
Mangalore route. 

Nearly 3pm, and I reached Mangalapuram (Mangalore), A short stop to have a late lunch.
Today, I rode 535 km from Hampi to reach Cheruvathur in Kerala. Two km short of the distance I rode on April 21st. . (Odisha to Kolkatta)

Travel always leads to discoveries. :) Cheruvathur 'cheriya pathu oor' [ten small places]  (Renamed Kuttamath in honor of 'Mahakavi Kuttamath' in the year 2010) ... is a town in Kasaragod.
It is also the land of the renowned sculptor Kanayi Kunhiraman.

Welcome to Kerala
Peace and calm in my mind, as I stand here.

Good to be in Kerala, to be able to speak the language again.
:) And like any other malayali might feel in my place. Happy too, to have a bath in our clear clean water.   

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