Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Day 19 May 4, Karnataka

From Mahbubnagar Telengana, to Hampi.

On my way to Hampi, :) some time with two young friends at Makthal

 At Makthal, Mahbubnagar- Telangana
On 2 June 2014, Telangana was separated from Andhra Pradesh as a new 29th state of India

6 pm At Hampi, Karnataka 
Enter Hampi, and the whole ambience changed.
:) It even got a bit cooler.
Seemed as if I had come upon an old world village from Kerala.
Perhaps, other than for the tarred road.

This is where I  am going to stay. 

The farmer and went speechless when I asked him if I could stay with him.
Finally he agreed to rent out one of the two rooms there.
:) Boarding and lodging, agreed upon, Here I stay.
'Hampi' is at walking distance from here.

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