Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Day 20 May 5

Hampi, Karnataka.
2nd day there.

 On the banks of the Thungabhadra river. The Virupaksha temple.
It is the main attraction here at Hampi.

The history of the temple is dated back to the 7th century 

Hampi. The sights there are never ending.  A place that tells us stories from beyond that which meets the eye.
Since I stayed back here, I got to cover a bit more of the place, than I would have otherwise.
I wandered around. Imbibing as much of the aura of the place, as I could. Taking many pictures.

Took a dip in the Thugabhadra. The river that has seen a lot of history unfold. Thungabhadra is the confluence of the rivers Thunga and Bhadra.
Hampi stands on the bank of this river.

Saw the beautiful land around, and talked to the wind and the trees and the rocks there. A gentle day that unfolded beautifully.
Today had a lot of personal moments that were unique.  As I wandered around in silent contemplation, I'd stand there thinking, and mind would take me to times of  yore. I'd think of how it would have been there all those years back.  If I had been alive at the time,  how would it have been.
Thoughts would travel on a different plane. And my mind would take me to days of the past.

The place that was my home away from home from the day  I set foot  in Hampi. 

Took rest and unwound.
Then completed preparations for my onward journey tomorrow.
And, another day comes to a close.

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