Saturday, May 2, 2015

Day 18 May 3 Andhra Pradesh

7.15 am

Ready to start.

We are journeying towards Hyderabad today.
:) see you on the other side of the day.

415 pm
Past Hyderabad.

5.30 @ Jadcherla
Tha town of Jadcherla is in  Telengana.

 5000KM Finished smile emoticon

Tomorrow it will be  Hampi.
Looking forward to being there.
That will be the only place I'll be in, for more than an overnight stay.

After being unexpectedly held back by the weather condition following the earthquake, and Tenzing's puncture earlier on.
I am behind, in time. Days.
But, I have travelled more touched more states, spread the message to more people.

The times I spent with the children at schools or otherwise;  I don't plan to make those pictures public.
To my mind, that would be in bad taste.
I want to respect their right to privacy.

I have those pictures. But, for my personal memory bank.

It was raining at Jadcherla, and I had thought of staying there.
But the only place I found, didn't look too good to stay.
So I traveled on 22 km more in the same direction I had meant to take tomorrow.
Now 7,30 pm,  at Mahbubnagar: found a place to stay.

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