Thursday, April 30, 2015

Day 15 April 30 MP

Continuing my journey through places without network.
Rode for over 11 hrs this day.

Today, I started from Bodh Gaya, Bihar. Traveled through  Uttar Pradesh  to reach Rewah in Madhya Pradesh.
Found a place to stay.
Since my mobile is out of order, no internet connection.
:) now not too bothered about it.
Hopefully, I can enter Maharashtra tomorrow.

From my journey today.
Relentless sun and not a tree to give any shade.
Tenzing and me, we both are all covered in red dust.

Till around noon the roads were okay. After that, the roads got difficult. And exciting too. :)

As I travel I realize again that  India is a poor country.
The main problem our people face is hunger.
There is nothing as painful and horrible as hunger.
I feel ashamed that our country has not made any strides in seeing that our people have even one square meal a day.
Politics are politricks.
These poor people are tricked into voting by giving them a gift of  a utensil or two. And they take that because their state of life is so bad.
And then, they are forgotten. Until the next elections come around.

Mothers are unable to breastfeed their young ones. They have no milk to give them. How can they, when they have no food to eat. Let alone nutritious food. :(
And if a family has a cow. Whatever milk they get from the cow, the child at home is denied that too. Because unless they can sell that milk, their livelihood is gone.

Human beings sleep alongside with cattle.

I had brought some candy to give to the children.
It saddened me to see that they have not seen a candy or toffee in their lives.
Their parents are so poor, they cannot even afford to get their children even a toffee.

The whole state of our land saddens me.
I am ashamed we sit in our comfortable zones and say hollow big words about the poor and down trodden.
Maybe we mean well. But it is not at all enough.
Anything we do, will not even touch the fringe of it.
Our brothers and sisters here are suffering. And, so are our children.

Tomorrow, weather and roads permitting, I might reach Nagpur.
I will be traveling through the heart of India. Through central Madhya Pradesh.

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