Sunday, April 19, 2015

Day 4. April 19, Visakhapatnam AP

Good morning!smile emoticon  The day began with finding the ropes that were used to secure my stuff onto the bike gone missing. Just that. Nothing else. So, maybe.. someone else's need for it was more. God bless them. 

Day 4, April 19 / 2015
Spreading messages @ Near Ellure, Andhra

Born in fire, Tensing will not wilt in the Sun! With a punctured back wheel, Tensing carried me over a distance of 65Kms. Today being a Sunday, all places were deserted. It is possible to travel a distance of 50 kms with a puncture. But we traveled 65 Kms. 4 drum axles had broken. Patched it up somewhat and continued with my journey. Today we (tenzing and me) we rode 415 kms. Need to travel 82 kms more to reach Vishakhapattanam. Need to take implicit care of Tensing tomorrow. Declaring tomorrow a rest day.  
 feeling All is well.

10.13 PM, reached safely
 — at Welcome hotel Grand Bay, Visakhapatnam

Good night. 

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