Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Day 7 April 22, 2015 - Puri to Konark

From the land of Jagannath of Puri. Odisha.

@Front of Jaganadha Temple

I had woken up excited about seeing the Jagannath temple. Had my bath and set out with the Gopro.
Compared to yesterday evening, lesser crowd of people.
That soon turned to disappointment when I saw many boards that said only Hindus could enter the temple.
My hopes dashed, I wandered about a bit, and took some pictures from outside. Those writings catching my eyes each time I turned around.
Didn't feel like staying on any longer and left the place.

Mobile panorama.

From there I  vacated the room and set off for the artist's village my friend Veenadevi Meenakshy had told me about.

That was an interesting place. Met  many artists, Spent some time there.. sat and talked to them for a long time.
It was a good experience.

From there, there was a shorter  route to Konark. A distance of 40 kms.
Reached there by about 4 pm. Went straight to the sun temple to have a look.
Crowded. This time, a lot of tourists.
Went back to find a room to stay. A small room, but adequate. Thankfully, cool.
Had a bath, and refreshed.. set off for the sun temple again.

Ornately sculpted.
Built with khondolite rocks, (granite?) it is also known as the black pagoda. It is a world heritage site.
Every December, a dance festival for Indian classical dance forms is held there

A gigantic chariot of Sun god, with 12 pairs of wheels pulled by 7 horses. Only 6 of the horses remain. and some of the wheels are 3 meters wide.
Mostly in ruins. There is a dance hall with its roof fallen off. But the rest of it has survived.
There is an audience hall which still stands.
A Kalingan temple architecture.
It is said that the first rays of the sun strikes the main entrance.
It was evening and so, missed that.

Returned to the room I had taken for the night.
Have to finish copying and saving my recordings and records for the day.

My dinner has come.
:) Hungry.

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