Thursday, April 30, 2015

Day 12 April 27 Jharkhand.

More rain.
The loss of lives, and the pain and hardships of those affected by the earthquake saddens me.

The journey opens up new paths of  travel. The 9 states I had planned to travel might become 11 states. The intuition of the traveller guides him more than the plan. Reaching Kolkata, the path of my travel may become more clear to travel the neighboring states too... 
The journey is not to reach the target but the target is the journey itself. .. Awaiting the destiny of my travel.

Today I had plans to pass through two places not in my original list. Jarkhand and Bihar. 
But heavy rains made travel impossible. 
Now. taking up some respite from the heavy rain in a 'dhaba' at West Bengal - Jarkhand border.
:) am still uncertain about where my journey will take me. I might have to stay here at this dhaba to night.  
To travel to a destination.  where travel is the goal. 
I wait for my destiny.
The rainbow after the rains...

Reached Safely nw@ Dhanbad-Jharkhand 

@Poddar Regency

I heard  tremors were felt at the place I had taken shelter awhile back.
. Where I took the earlier picture..
But thankfully, the people there are safe. 

If I hadn't taken the route to Dhanbad, I might have had to pitch my tent on the road.
I am now 160 km away in a safe zone.

I rest here tonight.
Jharkhand, carved out from the southern part of Bihar.,

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