Thursday, April 30, 2015

Day 14 April 29 - Bihar

Destiny had new plans. I rode Tenzing to Bodh Gaya. We reached here yesterday evening. 

The land of Gautama's Bodhi tree.
Spent some time in peace and tranquility, in contemplation of inner self. This place is charged with pure energy.
Unless destiny desires otherwise, I will be staying here today. 

After a bath, refreshed..  I set out to see the place I have been waiting  to visit.  To be in. 

Travelled to Gaya.
It is 12 km to Gaya.
Now, back at Bodh Gaya.

Since yesterday, problems with my mobile. So out of touch with my friends and well wishers, and the world. Unable to update.
Now back at Bodh Gaya.
Where Buddha sat in meditation for 50 weeks before he attained enlightenment.
It is a world heritage site.  It is under the military, and there are many security checks.

There is a Saraswathi temple too.

A day in peace.
Meditated for a long time.
Feeling an immense energy.
But, that has drained me too.
I turn in for the night.

As much as I liked Bodh Gaya.
I disliked the area that surrounded it. A lot of unscrupulous people, locals who exploit the visitors.
The food provided is not up to the mark. And charges are exorbitant.
Three times or more than what it  costs anywhere else.

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